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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

Website of the Week
Daily Local News
August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Frequently Asked Questions
About This Web Site

Is this web site run by the Township?
No. From the start this web site has been a personal project of a long time resident of Charlestown Township. However, the web site and its visitors do benefit a great deal from contributions by other members of the community and information provided by the Township.
Is this web site run by Charlestown Green?
No. In fact, I did not know any members of Charlestown Green when the web site first went "on the air". We did get together soon after that, and realized that there is a great deal of synergy between this site and The Green. They specialize in, among other useful endeavors, gathering information, and this site specializes in disseminating information.
Why did you create this web site?
You should read Our Purpose, a page which I have left unchanged since this site first went on-line. You may be surprised to find that the original intent had very little to do with publishing current event or news information. It is still my hope to eventually find time to post a great deal more on the beauty, history and note worthy residents of Charlestown. To further answer your question, you might want to check out some other sections under About this site in the left menu column.
Why aren't the many cited newspaper articles permanently available from this site?
First of all, for copyright reasons, I cannot publish those same articles from this site. (I do download many of them and save them as text documents for future reference.) All I can do is point you to each article on the particular newspaper's web site. Only the Philadelphia Inquirer keeps their articles on-line "permanently", though after several months they are moved into a fee-based, searchable archive. The Mercury , the Suburban Advertiser, the Daily Local News and The Phoenix are all owned by the same publisher and their policy on keeping articles on-line is unclear. If you save a page address on the day it is published, the address generally "works" for sometime after publication date. Unlike the Philadelphia Inquirer, they have no search facility.
Why don't you post information about candidates prior to elections?
From the beginning, I have insisted on keeping this web site non-political and non-commercial. Therefore, you will not find candidate position statements or third party praise or criticism of those running for elections. I will always encourage you to examine the material delivered to your mailbox from neighborhood organizations that will inform you regarding the candidates. I will also post links to newspaper articles related to upcoming elections. And, I encourage you to Vote in every election! Note that this policy does not restrict discourse on issues! I do think this web site is a good forum for examining issues before the Township. I just want to keep such discussions focused on issues, and not personalities.
What is the Email Notification List?
"Subscribers" to the Notification List receive an email, generally in the morning, whenever new information has been posted to this web site. The email does not include the posting itself, but rather a summary similar to that posted on the home page. This allows subscribers to keep informed about new information on the web site (perhaps there is a newspaper article they would like to read that is available for today only) and decide for themselves whether or not it is worth it to check the site for the full details. This saves time versus having to check the site frequently to see if there is anything new. It is easy to get off the list if it is not useful to you. You can sign up by clicking here.
What does the counter at the bottom of the home page actually count?
That counter is triggered once each time a visitor accesses the home page.
Where is the site hosted?
The site was hosted on a web server at my home office through October, 2000. Since then, it is being hosted from servers at PLH Worldgroup Communications, Inc. in West Chester.
What hardware and software do you use for this site?
Macintosh computers were used for both the development and hosting through October, 2000. Hosting was switched to PLH Worldgroup Communications, Inc. as of November, 2000, but all development work continues on Macintosh computers. A pc emulator (Virtual PC) running Windows XP is used to test pages that incorporate new methods or technologies so I can see how they look on a Windows computer. The web pages are created on Macs in a text editor (BBEdit) that is designed for programmers to use. Photoshop, Freehand and a variety of other programs and plug-ins are used to prepare images for the site.
Why don't you use animation and video effects on the site?
We probably will some day, but if you look at the site statistics, you'll see there are still visitors who are using relatively old versions (2.x) of browsers that do not support advanced features such as javascript. Some visitors are still using Windows 3.1, and it is also very likely that some visitors have relatively slow connections to the internet and do not want to wait for the fancy stuff to display on their computers.

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