Charlestown Township, Chester County, PA

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Established June 2, 1997
by citizens for citizens


March 16, 1998

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Daily Local News
August 13, 1997
A beautiful part of southeastern Pennsylvania
Fans of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

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Neighborhood News
This section contains current information about the activities of various organizations as well as reports on meetings of the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission and issues of interest to township residents. Charlestown Green, Inc. is a major contributor of articles for this section, but any organization or citizen of Charlestown is welcome to submit material to be included in Neighborhood News. This section is archived back to the opening of the web site.
Neighbors of Note
This section showcases the residents of Charlestown who have distinguished themselves through their activities. We welcome suggestions for additions to the achievements listed in this section. This section will be archived back to the opening of the web site.
Neighborhood Issues
This section provides links as well as some explicit discussion of several issues of interest to many residents of Charlestown, such as open space and water conservation.
Special Events Calendar
This is a calendar of special events taking place in the township or of interest to our residents. Some of the events on this calendar are linked to additional information.
Regular Meetings Calendar
This is a calendar of regular meetings scheduled by the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission, as well as any organizations that choose to list a regular meeting schedule.
Official Minutes
This section contains the official minutes of meetings of the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission. The link takes you to a page which lists all meetings by date. Click on a date, and you will see the minutes for that date. The page listing meeting dates also provides a link to the current Township budget as well as links to agendas for upcoming meetings.

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Whats new? (Home)
Charlestown's home page always highlights the most recently added or changed features of the site, generally with links to those features. This is especially convenient to frequent visitors, who are most interested in what has changed since their last visit.
Site Overview
You're looking at it. This section provides a more descriptive list of the contents of this site than the simple menu at the left.
About Charlestown
This is an information resource for our township. It includes a General Info section providing basic (relatively static) information about the township, such as maps, lists of officials, emergency information and similar facts. The Organizations section includes directories of various township organizations, such as the Board of Supervisors, the Nature Center and the Historical Society. Names of officials, phone numbers and facility addresses for these organizations are provided as well. The most important section, in the long run, is the Early Days, describing the early history of the township, with some of the material provided by the Charlestown Township Historical Society.
Fun and Games
This area features contests that challenge visitors to identify the location of various photographic subjects. A large database of township photographs is being assembled, covering over twenty categories such as Entrances to Charlestown, Barns of Charlestown, Signs of Charlestown, Wireless Roadways of Charlestown, etc. Visitors are able to easily email their "answers" to the site for compilation and reporting of the results when the next contest is published.
In addition, this section includes an expanding photo album of Charlestown, organized by topic, and including a fast growing library of our township's wild flowers. You may pick a topic and page through small images of each photo. Most small images are linked to larger images of the same photo, often with additional information about the photo.
Other areas of interest
This section highlights wider-area subjects and events that the publishers have found from our own experience to be unique to our area. Visitors may learn for the first time about the Schuylkill Canal facilities near Phoenixville, the Threshermen's Reunion held each August at the Rough and Tumble Engineer's Museum, the Yellow Springs Art Show and similar events and sites of interest, many representing a view of the past.
Neighorhood Links
This page provides links to other web sites in the area, including such facilities as the area high schools, county library and other community-related sites of surrounding municipalities and townships.
Notify Me of Updates
This link displays a form which you can fill out and begin receiving email notifications whenever we update this site. For many people, this makes it easy to know whether anything has been added to the site since they last visited, and if the most recent additions are worth a visit.
About this site
This section provides a brief statement as to why this site exists and where it is headed, as well as some information about its creators and the computer facilities (hardware, software and network) that host the site. Most important, this section contains the Contact Us link whereby you can easily send us email with your comments about this site.

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